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Palm Trees' Dance at Dusk Maui, Hawaii (2000.6)

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Sunset over Molokini A Dressed-up Sparrow Between Yellow and Blue Wailua Falls Wailua Falls Ocean Green Ocean Green Backyard in My Dream Fire Cloud Vancouver at Dawn
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My Little Friend Mikey the Cat <2> San Diego, California, 2000.12
My Little Friend Mikey the Cat <1> San Diego, California, 2000.12
Can Spring be Far Behind? near Tucson, Arizona, 2000.11
At Sunset, when the Tide has Receded San Diego, California, 2000.11
Vancouver at Dusk British Columbia, Canada, 2000.9
Vancouver at Dawn British Columbia, Canada, 2000.9
Fire Cloud San Diego, California, 2000.9
Ocean Green Maui, Hawaii, 2000.6
Palm Trees' Dance at Dusk Maui, Hawaii, 2000.6
Wailua Falls Maui, Hawaii, 2000.6
Between Yellow and Blue Maui, Hawaii, 2000.6
A Dressed-up Sparrow Maui, Hawaii, 2000.6
Sunset over Molokini Maui, Hawaii, 2000.6
Serenity Maui, Hawaii, 2000.6
Countryside Maui, Hawaii, 2000.6
Backyard in My Dream Maui, Hawaii, 2000.6
Dream in My Backyard San Diego, California, 2000.5
Lily Pond San Diego, California, 2000.5
A Sunny Spring Day on La Jolla Beach La Jolla, California, 2000.3
The Red Moon - during an Eclipse San Diego, California, 2000.1
Red Rock Sedona, Arizona, 1999.11
Flowers Escondido, California, 1999.11
Gladioli Pasadena, California, 1999.11
Hotel del Coronado Coronado, California, 1999.8
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