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Bridal Veil Fall Yosemite National Park, California (1997.4)

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Tulips of Iowa On Daytona Beach A Rainbow of Tulips On a Quiet Day On a Quiet Day Sequoia Trees Sequoia Trees Sunset over the Pacific City Lights of Seattle California Poppy
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The Last Colors of the Day San Diego, California, 1998.11
A Crane and Ducks San Diego, California, 1998.11
Monte Carlo Las Vegas, Nevada, 1998.11
In Front of Bellagio Las Vegas, Nevada, 1998.11
The Mirage <2> Las Vegas, Nevada, 1998.11
Inside MGM Las Vegas, Nevada, 1998.11
On the Way to Vegas near California border, 1998.11
The Moon over San Francisco San Francisco, California, 1998.10
Green Valley Yosemite National Park, California, 1998.10
Crater Lake Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, 1998.7
Moraine Lake Alberta, Canada, 1998.7
Yellow Wagon Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming, 1998.6
Snow Peaks in the Distance Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming, 1998.6
Sunrise on Yellow Stone Lake Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming, 1998.6
California Poppy near Mendocino, California, 1998.5
Sunset over the Pacific near Santa Cruz, California, 1997.11
Sequoia Trees Sequoia National Park, California, 1997.5
Bridal Veil Fall Yosemite National Park, California, 1997.4
On a Quiet Day San Juan Island, Washington, 1997.4
A Rainbow of Tulips Near Anacortes, Washington, 1997.4
City Lights of Seattle Seattle, Washington, 1998.4
On Daytona Beach Daytona, Florida, 1996.10
Tulips of Iowa Orange City, Iowa, 1996.5
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