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Niagara Falls <1> New York (1990.9)

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I was speechless - any words would be redundant. It's such a beautiful world. Let's cherish it and preserve it for ourselves and for generations to come.
Niagara Falls <2> Niagara Falls <2> Grand Canyon A Foggy Morning in San Diego A Red Boat
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Cactus in Blossom Brookings, South Dakota, 1995.7
Pelicans Woodward Lake, South Dakota, 1995.6
Sunset on Lake Erie Erie, Pennsylvania, 1994.8
A Sunny Morning after Snow Syracuse, New York, 1994.2
Autumn in Syracuse Syracuse, New York, 1993.10
Fishing at Sunset Cazenovia Lake, New York, 1993.8
Street-side Garden Washington, DC, 1992.8
Light, Color and Shape Washington, DC, 1992.8
The Mirage Las Vegas, Nevada, 1992.7
The Call of Remote Mountains Yosemite National Park, California, 1992.7
Yosemite Valley Yosemite National Park, California, 1992.7
Hearst Castle California, 1992.7
A Red Boat San Diego, California, 1992.7
A Foggy Morning in San Diego San Diego, California, 1992.7
Grand Canyon Arizona, 1992.7
Niagara Falls <2> New York, 1990.9
Niagara Falls <1> New York, 1990.9
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